Complete Car Re-spray Service

Bodycraft provides a vehicle re-spraying service to the highest standards. If your car needs a re-paint, we can offer a complete service with results second to none.

The Process - Re-spraying a Car

As part of the service minor panel dents and scratches will be repaired. More substantial damage may require new panels to be fitted. All Joints and exposed areas on the undersides of the body are sealed and detailed attention is paid to the preparation of all surfaces before any paint is applied.


Trim, carpets, rubber seals, glass and chromeware are removed from the body shell wherever possible, to allow better paint coverage. Doors, bonnet and boot lid are also removed and painted separately.


Once all the panels are in a sound condition, the paint process begins with several coats of primer, applied where necessary and then allowed to dry, before final preparation for the final colour coats of paint and lacquer.


Re-finishing can be in the original colour scheme of the vehicle, or from a very wide variety of either metallic or solid colour finishes.

If you prefer something a little more unusual Bodycraft can use one of the many specialised paint finishes available such as two tone colours.


Once the final coat of paint has been applied, all surfaces are then polished to a high gloss before trim parts are re-fitted.

Ford Capri after respray finished



Our re-painting services are not just for cars. Please call and have a chat with us if you have something that needs a re-paint.


Toy Jeepfinished in stylish pink             motorcycle resprayed


Anything from a toy car - in stylish pink - to a motorcycle!


If it can be painted...                 

              ...Bodycraft will paint it for you.



Removing dents and scratches from panels

Removing dents and scratches

from panels


Preparing the surface for painting

Preparing the surface for painting


Body shell ready for repray

Body shell ready for re-spray


Panels are removed and sparyed separetly

Panels are removed and sprayed



Final paint coats are applied

Final paint coats are applied


Unusual paint finishes available

Unusual paint finishes available